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Clearing Snow Off The Roof

How to maintain your house during the fall season?

Maintaining our homes is not something which all of us enjoy, but it is something which is very much needed to elongate the life of our home. It is very important to maintain your house during every season, and in this article, we will be talking about how you can maintain your house during the fall.

The fall season is when the days cool down, and the leaves begin to wither off. During this season you might have a lot of work in the garden and other parts of your home.

Plant trees:

You might be a little confused here, but you never know how much benefit trees could do for you. Fall happens to be a great time to plant trees, and you can plant many perennials to improve the curb look of your home.

Clean your garden:

The moment we hear the word “Fall Season” we immediately think about leaves. Instead of throwing away all the leaves that fall down, you can rack them under a tree or a shrub, and it will act as natural mulch. It is also a great way to protect the roots of your plants from the winter which is coming soon.

Have your gutters cleaned:

Fall is the perfect time to clean the gutters. Before the winter sets in, you need to clean your gutters otherwise you will have to wait till spring season to clean your gutters. Inspect if there are any broken tiles and have them fixed. Make sure that you shut your outdoor faucets so that they do not end up freezing in the cold.

Shut down your sprinklers:

If you happen to live in a cold environment, you need to shut down your sprinklers. Before the freezing weather starts, you need to close all your irrigation system and also shut the main valve. If you happen to have remaining water in the pipes, make sure that you drain them out completely.

Prepare your firewood:

If you want to stay warm during winter by staying by the fire, you will have to prepare them during the fall season. Do not stack the wood too tightly as fungus might be formed and your wood will be spoilt.

Pool season is over:

Once the leaves start to fall off, you need to understand that your pool time is over. Clean your pool and cover it up nicely before the winter season.

Heating systems need to be proper:

Check out for all the heating systems in your home and make sure that everything is working properly. You need to check if all the heating vents are proper and nothing is blocking the vents. Also, clean up your chimney and keep it read for the winter.